csprattinvermontA word from the Artist

Through my paintings, I work out the musings in my head so they make sense. To me they turn into a representation of a moment in my life, a colorful story. I start with a mixed up crazy background and paint over and over places until things are organized to me. Every circle, color, line means something. Refining is what we do in our day, in our lives right? I find it is the same in painting. If the canvas could talk it would sing you a story!

I paint abstracts so I don’t have to write words that everyone knows the meaning of. I can tell my stories with paint and that leaves my stories a bit of a mystery.

My illustration background shows up through the drawing on top of the wet paint. Watercolor pencils leave their own colors in the wet paint and I love how the pencils disrupt the perfect swaths of paint.

I paint landscapes, villagescapes and cityscapes too. I think a lot about where I live versus all of the other ways to live, and the beingsĀ that live in those places. Through my travels, I know we humans and creatures are all alike and under the same sky. Whether I live next to an 8 lane highway or in the heart of the woods; I feel connected to everything else.catshandsm

My wish is to share this with you that you may hear the canvas sing your song as well.